Reconstruction was a natural part of the surgery for me – it was the final step of the journey.

SARA, 53

Cancer had already hit my family – my husband had been living with a brain tumour for six years when I was diagnosed, and I was terrified my daughters were going to be left without parents.

I chose a mastectomy because I wanted to give myself every chance of survival, and after getting advice and support from my breast nurse and doctor, decided on a reconstruction at the same time. The operation went well, and the implant looked great. The only thing was that I had one natural breast and one reconstructed one – which I felt didn’t quite look right.

Five years later I had my other breast removed and reconstructed (partially for cosmetic reasons, partially to ensure the cancer wouldn’t return). I think, looking back, a bilateral reconstruction would have suited me better, but I’m very happy to be healthy. I can be there for my daughters, and that’s what matters most.


Easy insertion of the implant, quick breast surgery and natural results.

Dr. Frédéric Germain

I was diagnosed when I was 46 – the first of my generation to have breast cancer. I put on a brave face for my husband and daughter, but basically I thought the diagnosis was a death sentence.

I had stage 1 cancer, and initially opted for a lumpectomy. Retaining my femininity was very important to me, and I wanted to avoid breast removal if possible. However, after my lab results came back it was obvious there was no clear margin around the tumour, and I was offered a mastectomy.

I decided to go for it, and had an expander inserted at the time of the mastectomy, which once I had healed, was slowly inflated
with saline for six months. I then had an operation to replace the expander with an implant. Reconstruction was a natural part of the surgery for me – it was the final step of the journey.

The surgery was a great success, and now I appreciate life more than ever before. Dressed, you’d never know about the surgery, though undressed it’s a different story. However, it’s just me, and to be honest I now have a better set of boobs than I ever did!

I used to worry about getting older, but that certainly no longer bothers me. Every day I am proud and pleased to be alive – I say, bring it on!

SARA, 45

A lesser internal expansion cutaneous stress thanks to the shell’s softness and, particularly, the Emunomic™ gel.

Dr. Stefano Marianelli, italy

Why did you decide to have breast augmentation?

Despite the wonderful breastfeeding time with our daughter, I was dissatisfied – my breasts had lost their fullness, my favorite clothes no longer fitted properly and I didn’t feel good about myself. That is why I informed myself about breast augmentation, including through experience reports. When I went to the doctor’s consultation, I took a bra that would fit well before the pregnancy. Because it was very important to me to get my original breast size back, definitely not anymore.

ANNA, 31

Breast immediately takes a natural conical shape.

Dr. Ferran Solà, Spain

How did you find your surgeon?

Through a personal recommendation. I met a girl at a friend’s house who had recently had a breast augmentation and was very proud of her new look. She looked great, told me a lot about it and recommended her surgeon to me. It was important for me to be able to see his work “live”. In the first conversation he was as personable and convincing as his work, I immediately put my trust in him.


My sister had breast cancer five years before me, and with a history of the disease in the family I was somewhat expecting it.

When I was diagnosed – and thankfully the cancer was just in the left breast, with no lymph node involvement – the doctor offered a lumpectomy, but I decided to go for a mastectomy with reconstruction. Seeing as my sister had a mastectomy and reconstruction five years ago and is fit, happy and healthy today, it just seemed like the more sensible option.

When the cancer was successfully removed, I had an expander fitted with the expectation of having it replaced with an implant within six months. However, because I’m a smoker, the initial wound didn’t heal well, and two years later I haven’t yet managed to have the second operation. I suppose, because of the smoking, I’m a little scared of the surgery – though many women I know have undergone similar, totally successful procedures.

To be honest, I’m mostly just relieved that the cancer is gone, that I can enjoy life and be here for my grandchildren. I’m sure I will complete the reconstruction at some point, but at 58 I don’t really care about having a ‘bikini body’ anymore!

Julia, 58

I absolutely love my results and I’m so glad I did it, I definitely feel sexier and it has given me a huge confidence boost. I also feel that I got exactly the look I had hoped for.

MIMI, 28

I was 48 when I was diagnosed – I didn’t find a lump, I just noticed that one breast was suddenly bigger than the other, and thought it was a little strange.

The possibility of cancer didn’t really occur to me, and so when my doctor informed me that not only did I have breast cancer, but that I needed to have surgery right away, I was totally floored. It was my son’s 12th birthday the next week, I thought I was happy and healthy, and this stopped everything in its tracks.

I decided to have a mastectomy without reconstruction, because for me, the only thing that mattered was getting rid of the disease. Though my doctor and nurse talked me through every possibility, I just didn’t care how I looked – I wanted to be there for my child, and nothing else felt important.

It’s been four years since surgery, I’m recovering well and all signs point towards the cancer being gone. But I’m still not interested in a reconstruction – I don’t want any more medical procedures.

I want to get on with enjoying life again. Maybe at some point a reconstruction will be right for me, but for now, I’m just relieved and happy to be here for my son.

SEU, 52

The smoothness, ease of insertion and the natural results.

Dr. Harmut Meyer, Germany

What do you recommend before a breast augmentation?

To find out more about the operation, the implants and of course about the surgeon! The implants have been with us for many years, which is why it is important to be one hundred percent satisfied with the brand, the surgical result, aftercare and guarantees.

For advice on the size and shape of the implant, I put together a kind of personal lookbook from online photos that I liked. I saw that with my surgeon and he advised me on my individual options. It was very important for me and for him to get to know my wishes exactly – and that takes time, so be patient!


Perle, the latest generation of breast implants, unique in consistency and surface with maximum safety in use. For the perfect, natural look and feel!

Dr. Michael A. Boss, Schweiz

How did you find the right size and shape for your implants?

I wanted a natural look that matched my physique – nothing over the top, but reason for new self-confidence. My surgeon gave me the appropriate implants to try out in a sports bustier to test weight, size and body. And to find the implants that I would be happy with beyond the day. Which was really wonderful.


How do you feel after the operation?

I feel really good and as sexy as I haven’t in years. With family, business and social engagement, it was just time to do something just for me. And it was worth it. In addition to the fantastic result, I have gained a whole new attitude towards life and self-confidence. I owe it to my surgeon for getting exactly the result that I wanted. He was sincere and realistic from the start and did a great job.


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