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PERLE™ by GC Aesthetics

Crafted by 40 years of experience and backed by our global reputation for long-term safety, PERLE™ is a novel round breast implant with (R)evolutionary BioQ™–surface techntology and highly cohesive Emunomic™ Breast Tissue Dynamic Gel. This breast implant is a Confident Choice for Life.

PERLE™ is The Art of Science™ and the evolution of smooth opaque breast implants.

Slide A Complete Range of
Breast Implants
Our new smooth opaque implant with low-surface roughness and dynamic gel is available across a wide range of profiles and sizes to give patients and plastic surgeons a new alternative for aesthetic and reconstruction procedures. PERLE™ completes GC Aesthetics’ breast implant offer for every patient, body, and need.
Slide Key Features Slide (R)evolutionary BioQ™-surface With its (R)evolutionary BioQ™-Surface, manufactured using reverse surface technology, PERLE™ is designed for optimal harmonisation with tissue morphology. Low Surface Roughness reduces the risk of bacterial attachment. Slide Enhanced GCA Ultra-Link™ shell PERLE™ is equipped with extremely elastic shell properties. The silicone elastomer layer enhances shell integrity through its high performance and assures fracture resistance. Slide Protective GCA 360 Barrier layer In addition to the surface and shell attributes, PERLE™ includes our unique GCA 360 barrier layer technology, designed to enhance shell integrity. It is integrated between silicone elastomer layers that inhibit silicone gel diffusion, minimising the potential for capsular contracture. Slide Exclusive Emunomic™ Breast
Tissue Dynamic Gel
PERLE’s gel is designed to closely mimic breast tissue in softness and form stability. This exclusive, highly cohesive, yet soft gel formulation, exhibits implant flexibility (without gel fracture or delamination). It provides memory shape and stability that require smaller surgical incisions upon insertion.
Slide Advanced RRE™ Patch The extremely elastic patch/shell interface properties are fully adapted to the new ISO standards. Slide Versatile range of Sizes and Profiles 100% gel-filled with three profiles (Moderate, High and Extra High) and 38 size options, providing an implant range that covers the majority of women’s augmentation and reconstruction needs.

What makes Emunomic™ Breast Tissue Dynamic Gel different?

Emunomic™ Breast Tissue Dynamic Gel is an exclusive formula, unique to GC Aesthetics.

This 6th generation gel is highly cohesive and virtually unbreakable; giving projection, fullness, and firmness to emulate breast tissue.

100% gel-filled associated with the reduced potential of wrinkling.

Greatly emulates breast tissue: soft, form stable.

Potentially smaller incisions, easier insertion that contribute to minimized trauma.

The Fall and Rise Of Breast Implants

What are the Benefits of PERLE™ by GC Aesthetics?

PERLE™ breast implants are made from high-quality, medical-grade materials, supported by a decade of clinical data that highlights the product’s safety and effectiveness. These durable, state-of-the-art implants provide women with an enhanced texture and range of motion that matches actual breast tissue for results that look and feel natural.


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